Safeguard Information System

Safeguard Information System

There are seven REDD+ Safeguards that have been agreed under the UNFCCC to ensure REDD+ actions ‘do no harm’ and to promote positive environmental, social and economic benefits. Countries are required to show that they have addressed and respected these safeguards, through the development of a Safeguards Information System. The Safeguards Information System can vary in their complexity and scale but should provide information that is comprehensive, accessible and up to date.

What is happening now?

Papua New Guinea has taken initial steps in reviewing existing policies, laws and regulations to identify how well they cover the REDD+ safeguards. The FCPF project, through UNDP, is supporting Papua New Guinea with this work and with developing a framework for REDD+ safeguards including identifying the steps needed to develop the Safeguards Information System.